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There are several reports around Lubbock of 4.5" to 6" of snow. The snow is tapering off this afternoon, we'll get an official report from the National Weather Service a little later this evening.

As expected, heavier snow stayed south, lesser amounts were reported north. Around Lamesa it was 8" to 9". We'll update this story when a full listing of totals is available.

Snow Jan. 10, 2021

From @Wx_Intercepts in west Lubbock, mid-day Sunday.

The great news is this had about 1/2" of liquid equivalent. Meaning once it's melted down, that's about a half inch of much-needed moisture. It's been a long time since we've had this much widespread moisture across our area. 

Roads are in pretty good shape during the daylight hours. But with less traffic, at night, with a dropping temperature, you can expect many surfaces to re-freeze. With the ice, it'll likely be worse to drive Monday morning than Sunday morning, even though we're done with the snow falling from the sky. Updated school delays/closures/schedule changes are posted here.

TONIGHT: The temperature forecast is tricky because of clouds. It looks like it'll stay mostly cloudy much of the night. And there is some humidity in place, so the temperature can only drop so much. At this point we expect mid-teens around Lubbock. Some single-digit readings are possible over the western South Plains, if there are a few hours of clearing.

TOMORROW: Mostly sunny but cold. High in Lubbock near 35. Mid 30s are expected where at least 6" of snow fell. North of Lubbock it should climb into the 40s, with less snow on the ground.

THIS WEEK: It'll be sunny, with the snow melting away next few days. It'll be milder by late week.

Lubbock 7-day forecast

Have a great evening and stay warm. We'll have a full update on road conditions, the forecast and how some dealt with the weather tonight on FOX34 News at Nine.