Two people were arrested for kidnapping and leaving a victim beaten and bound in cotton field. 

Marcques Reeder, 30, and Jessica Pena, 34, are charged with aggravated robbery. On Oct. 27, Lubbock County Sheriff's deputies responded to reports of a person abandoned in a cotton field near Shallowater. 

Police report Reeder and Pena stole the victim's car and took him to the field where they dumped him. 

The victim told deputies his car was stolen near 32nd and Oxford Ave. LSO deputies worked with Lubbock police and found the stolen vehicle several hours later. 

Investigators were able to get aggravated robbery warrants for both Reeder and Pena on Oct. 29. Two days later, the suspects were arrested by U.S. Marshals, LSO SWAT and Lubbock police. 

They're both held on $60,000 bonds.