Since the global war on terror started with operation enduring freedom, more than 2,400 American service members have died in Afghanistan. Tahoka's newest Eagle of Honor monument recognizes them and the many who've served since then.

This bronze eagle stands vigilant in Lynn County. It's a symbol of freedom, courage, honesty, majesty, and wisdom. It represents veterans from the past, present, and future.

"It was one of those things that we wanted to create in an area of town where it is accessible to the public," said Bill Schoemann, co-chair of Tahoka's Veteran's Memorial Project. "Where people can see it, stop by take a look walk around, spend a little time in prayer or just meditation."

The Eagle of Honor memorial was sculpted by two Iowan sculptors. It is surrounded by the American flag and each branch of the military banner. It is also one of 22 eagles of its kind within the U.S.