For almost a year, we have known the demolition was happening. Crews are now tearing down the Municipal Auditorium and Coliseum. 

There will not be a big implosion to bring these facilities down. They are tearing it down part-by-part, starting with the auditorium. 

One students tells us he is sad to see it go since he has walked by it every day for three years. But for several students, this demolition does not mean much to them.

"It doesn't really affect me honestly," One student said. "I've been there like once." 

For the future use of this land, Texas Tech has not confirmed what will pop up in it's place. A few months ago, President Lawrence Schovanec talked about the possibility of athletic dorms, and some students seem to think that is a good idea.

"Definitely more students coming in every year," One Junior said. "There needs to be more room for parking and all of that." 

For those upset, it was just 526 votes for Proposition A, that made this all possible. The area is expected to be a green space by August, just in time for Football season.