For the last week and a half work crews have left drivers scrambling for the headache meds and a detour around 82nd and Indiana.

"It kind of sucks," one driver said. 

It has been so bad that the Pure Water on the corner has put up a sign poking fun at the construction workers and everyone stuck in the traffic.

"I hate it," another driver said. "I didn't know. Whenever I saw it over there I was like oh no."

The Pure Water is even having a little fun at the drivers expense. 

"Everybody complains about it, but most people don't stop to think if we weren't using as much electricity or if we weren't living on this side of town, and growing this way this wouldn't be happening," said Ben Teel, area director for the tea and water company.

Teel said, of course, it is all tongue and cheek.

"It's been rough this week but it's one of those, there's nothing you can do about it, but it's just one of those you can't do nothing about it except laugh or you can be miserable, and we choose to laugh at it," he said. 

Matt Rose, Director of Public Affairs with LP&L, said the logjam is a necessary evil as the utility upgrades the power grid.

"We understand that it's been an inconvenience for both businesses and residents. We just want folks to know that this work is necessary in order to build out our system and reliably serve you. We're trying to do this as quickly as we can with the least intrusion possible," Rose said. 

He said work is wrapping up and all of those pesky traffic cones should be gone by the end of the week. Do not get too excited, LP&L is only getting started.

"The next section of this work will be to take the transmission lines that run from 82nd and Utica North to a location near the mall," he said.

Rose said the next project should be completed sometime in May.

Meanwhile, Teel said he has more signs on the way for those stuck at the light.

"Kind of got a few things rattling around in my head of what we'll change it to as soon as they are out of here."