A devastating house fire is uniting the Smyer community to help a devoted elementary teacher and her family. In the early morning hours of Saturday, firefighters tried to save Cari McCullough's home. Lori McCullough, Cari's sister in-law, lives next door and saw the incident unfold.

"We got out of bed and looked out the kitchen window and we were already amazed by how huge the fire was," said McCullough. "There was really nothing you could do except stand there with Cari, she had gotten the kids out safely which we were incredibly thankful for, we are just thankful that everyone is safe."

Cari's home was completely destroyed, the fire marshals office is still investigating what may have caused the fire. Now, residents in Smyer are working to bring some sense of normalcy to Cari's family.

"Mrs. McCullough is one of our veteran teachers here a quality top-notch teacher and well respected here in our community", said Tony Igo, Smyer Elementary Principal. "So obviously plans were put into place to try and help this family."

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money for the family as they begin the rebuilding process. 

Lori McCullough said the outpouring of support the family has received during the past few days has been overwhelming and is grateful no one was hurt.