A Lubbock man gets 35 years in state prison for raping, beating, strangling and biting and ex-girlfriend in September 2017.

Jesus Bocanegra, 39, sexually assaulted the victim. When she tried to leave he punched her in the face repeatedly, strangled her until she blacked out, bit off a portion of her chin and threatened to kill her with a box cutter.

When the victim tried to escape to a neighbor's house, near 26th and Urbana, Bocanegra tackled her, told her he'd killer and mess up her face so no man would ever love her again.

He slashed her face and arms with the box cutter and blinded her left eye with the blade. Bocanegra ran and paramedics found the victim.

Bocanegra was arrested a week later. He made several excuses, including claiming an accident, then acting in self-defense, and finally that the victim wounded herself.

Assistant district attorneys Chris Shulte and Cassie Nesbitt say the attack was horrible, inexcusable and will not be tolerated in Lubbock County.