Sanctuary City, Unborn, Abortion

Hundreds packed Citizen's Tower Nov. 17, 2020 to express their support for an ordinance that would outlaw abortion within city limits. 

Organizers of the "Sanctuary City for the Unborn" movement, including State Senator Charles Perry, have submitted their petition to get it on the ballot.

In a public statement attached to the filing, the organizers demand the ordinance council unanimously voted down last month get put to a public vote. The city confirmed the filing Friday.

This is the next step laid out in the city charter. The group West Texas For Life successfully petitioned the city in October and November to force a public hearing and council vote, after council members refused to place the ordinance on a meeting agenda. It would ban abortions within city limits.

The council unanimously rejected the ordinance. The city's hired legal team said it goes against the Texas constitution and Texas law. After hours of public comments, when voting against it, several council members said it was unconstitutional.

Organizers request a special election, but it is not clear whether the city will call for one. The next scheduled municipal public vote is in May.