Operation Warmth
With freezing temperatures and an animal shelter quickly filling up, some strays will be caught in the storm.
One Lubbock couple wants to help keep them safe during the historic cold.

A few days ago, Tom and Cat Gowdy created "Operation Warmth" on Facebook.

The couple started off donating doghouses to homeowners who didn't have one, in preparation for the chilly weather.

"Right now during Covid, a lot of people don't have that extra money to go buy a dog[house], I mean this one right here, these are $100 doghouses. And so that's a lot for some people right now," Cat Gowdy said.

As temperatures dropped, the Gowdy's shifted their focus to strays and pets that have been left outside by their owners.

"I just think God laid it on my heart. Ever since I've been little I love animals and I literally cannot sleep at night if I see a stray, and they don't have any kind of covering or anywhere to go," Gowdy said.

Through the Facebook page, Lubbockites can send the location of a stray to Gowdy.

She and her husband then drop off a doghouse.

"Like this doghouse right here, we were notified by a neighbor that there was a dog that just recently had puppies somewhere in this neighborhood. So, I was worried that the dog was going to freeze to death and her puppies. So, we're trying to lure her to this doghouse to bring her puppies," Gowdy added.

While the couple is heading the effort, Gowdy says they couldn't do it alone.

They've received donations including houses, hay, blankets. beds and even food.

"We really appreciate all the donations, I mean I've been overwhelmed. I literally started crying the other day because I'm like, I was just, there's so many people that do care," Gowdy said.

She's hoping dogs will find shelter in the houses, until someone can bring them into their home.

"If they would just please open their home up right now and let some strays in. And if not, if people would contact us and let us know where they do see a stray dog that we would come and just put a doghouse out in the alley for them," Gowdy pleaded.

Tom Gowdy plans to attend Coffee with the Mayor," to voice the importance of funding for the Lubbock Animal Shelter.

The couple says while the shelter is overwhelmed because of the weather, they're happy to help keep Lubbock animals safe and warm.