Movie Review: 'A Quiet Place II'

LUBBOCK, TX (KJTV) - "A Quiet Place part II" is not a sequel I really wanted or needed after the tremendous first movie that felt fresh and suprising. This sequel is neither of those things, but the premise is still interesting and the gimmick still works. I liked it.

The movie starts in flashback so John Krasinski can still be in it. His character looms large over the proceedings as all the main characters talk about him and work to live up to his reputation as most the awesome and brave dad ever.
Let's not forget who wrote and directed the movie.
Anyway, there are essentially three storylines playing out as the remaining family members work to survive and find help. Emily Blount is stoic and bold and young Millicent Simmonds gets more heavy lifting and screen time - a real find of a young actress.
The monsters are still scary and good fun, but this is also the kind of movie where smart characters make stupid decisions to add complications to the plot. That's frustrating, but Krasinski handles the back and forth between stories nimbly, and builds tension expertly.
It all builds to one of the most abrupt smash-to-end-credits endings I've seen in a while, setting up the already confirmed third movie which I worry may overstay its welcome.