Texas House and Senate unveil property tax reform bills, giving

Texas House and Senate unveil property tax reform bills, giving voters control

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

The Texas House and Senate unveiled two identical bills to curb property tax growth in a press conference Thursday, led by Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and House Speaker Dennis Bonnen. 

The bills would require voters to approve tax rates allowing the government to get an additional 2.5% percent revenue from existing property, compared to the current cap at 8 percent without voter approval. 

The author of the House's version of the bill, Lubbock Representative Dustin Burrows, said he is taking initiative on property tax reform because he owes it to the people in his district. 

"So many people I talk to are worried they're going to be forced out of their homes as property taxes continue to rise," Burrows said. 

Ultimately, Burrows said this will ultimately give people more control.

More control to vote "no" on more property taxes, see who is taxing them, and how much they're getting taxed.

"When I go around the community and talk to people, whether we're in Borden County, Lubbock County, or any place, people think this is a great idea. I have more of a say on how much my property taxes rise, and that's the ultimate local control," Burrows said.

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