Lubbock Police investigating stolen credit card information spre

Lubbock Police investigating stolen credit card information spree at gas pumps, ATMs

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Swiping a credit card at a gas pump may swipe money from your bank account, as Lubbock Police is investigating hundreds of claims of stolen information, starting on January 12. 

"Right now, we've reached at least 350 different credit card transactions that were performed in Lubbock, and this is just the beginning," Det. Andrew Evans, with the Lubbock Police Department, said. 

Through gas pump skimmers across the state, police said hackers are compromising credit credit information.

Evans said thousands of cards were compromised last week alone, some as easy as using Bluetooth to get the information.

"Anytime you have something that when these guys have the capability to do this amount of damage in such a short amount of time, we want to jump on that as quick as possible," Evans said.

He said the fraudulent transactions were then made at bank ATMs across Lubbock.
"The first report we got was from First Capital Bank. They noticed an unusual amount of withdraws made from their ATM in a short period of time. So within a couple hours, two of their different branches reported over about 62,000 dollars was withdrawn from their ATMs, so that threw up a red flag," Evans said.

Evans said the thieves are likely getting user information from one city, and then withdrawing funds here to confuse the jurisdiction process.

He added he advises everyone to take a harder look at their bank accounts and report any suspicious activity.

First Capital Bank and Vista Bank denied any impact to its users.

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