Despite boom in craft breweries, Texas law is not beer friendly

Despite boom in craft breweries, Texas law is not beer friendly

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Craft beer is on the rise in Lubbock. 

The city has three breweries right now with more on the way.

Despite the growth, conditions are not favorable for brewers in Texas. Breweries like The Plains Brew Co. cannot sell beer for home consumption.

"You can at the brew pubs around town, the wineries around town, and even the distilleries around Lubbock," Mickey Minter said. "You can take their samples home with you direct from the source, but it's not allowed in Texas."

That means Minter's brewery cannot expand on the growth it has experienced over the last two years.

"When that door opened it didn't close all day long. I had people standing all the way from the bar to the door waiting to get in to get a beer."

That could change soon. Senate Bill 312 and House Bill 672 proposed in Austin would add "off-premises-consumption" to the existing law. This means people could buy beer-to-go from local breweries.

"We've got our taps around town and we've got our cans available in six packs in some of the retailers around town but if we could sell growlers and six packs and even kegs out of here that's just another source of income for an operation that really does pinch pennies here."

Minter said the bill would not only be great for his business but it would also serve the craft beer industry well across Texas.

He urges everyone to reach out to their lawmakers to get this passed.

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