Mighty Wash retains close to 95 percent of Quick Quack employees

Mighty Wash retains close to 95 percent of Quick Quack employees

LUBBOCK, Texas -

When one business absorbs another, the employees future is often uncertain. So naturally, workers at Quick Quack Car Wash were worried when Mighty Wash announced it would acquire the business. 

"It was very surprising," HQ Operations Director Staci Wyatt said. "We met with them a while back and tried to buy them out but they wouldn't sell. They just out of the blue called and said they were ready to sell and in two hours the deal was done."

Mighty Wash will retain close to 95 percent of Quick Quack employees, while providing extra perks as well. 

 "We offered tuition reimbursement and hopefully that will help a lot of people. We have a lot of kids who go to Texas Tech or Wayland Baptist and that helps them get through. Maybe they stay working for us or go on their own path, but that just helps better the community," Wyatt said. 

Chris Reyes, who worked for Quick Quack and now is employed by Mighty Wash, was nervous about his uncertain future. 

"I was kind of scared," Reyes said. "At the same time I didn't know what was going to happen and I didn't know if I was out of a job or not. Especially with a baby on the way, that scared me as well but they said Mighty Wash would take care of us."

Along with tuition reimbursement, Mighty Wash plans to improve employee benefits by also increasing wages. 

"I got excited, I got really happy. I was dancing around where I was at because that's all that I was waiting for," Reyes said. 

Wyatt said the hope is for them to be able to open the locations by February. 

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