5 things to know: Wednesday

5 things to know: Wednesday

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Family of Tech student found dead at Raider Park increases reward

LUBBOCK, Texas - The morning of April 8, employees of Raider Park found the body of  22-year-old Noble Douglas Kimanthi Abdullah, also known as Kimo.

The medical examiner's office reports the fall killed him, but doesn't report an intent, whether suicide or homicide.

His parents however, still demanding answers. 

"If information comes forward, this is going to benefit everybody in that community because if this can happen to Kimo it can happen to anybody else," said Katunge Abdullah, Kimo's mother. "This is for the good of the community." 

The parents have hired a private investigator. The reward for information is $20,000.

Suicide rates rising, support and family can help

LUBBOCK, Texas - Suicide rates are on the rise across the nation, it's a problem that's highlighted by the deaths of renowned Chef Anthony Bourdain and designer Kate Spade.

The pain is something Mariel Morgan said she's experienced. She battles bipolar one, a disease that often results in depression and manic episodes.

Through her struggles she's had suicidal thoughts and has even gone as far as writing the note and driving a few hours north to Amarillo.

"I just, I disappeared. No one knew where I was," Morgan said. "They found me in Amarillo. I had spent the night in a cheap hotel, I was just so out of it at that point. I didn't even know what was going on. I had either planned to kill myself in that hotel room or get on the bus the next day and go to a new town, go to a new city somewhere and disappear because my family was better off without me."

Her family brought her home, got her the help she needed and is now living a successful life... 

She's an actor, musician, a mother and wife. She holds a full time job. She said it's still a fight, but she will never give up.

Texas Tech Baseball gears up for College World Series

LUBBOCK, Texas - After struggling in the latter half of the regular season, the Red Raiders are heading to the College World Series. 

It was up to Michael Davis to break a 1-1 tie in Game 3 of the Lubbock Super Regional, and he delivered with a two-run blast. The Red Raiders didn't let another lead slip, and beat Duke 6-2 to advance to Omaha. 

"I think it was just coming out, having fun, and taking in every moment. My brother called me before the game and told me to not miss a beat and enjoy everything I get to do. That final out was the most enjoyable thing that I have gotten to do since I've been here," Davis said. 

Head coach Tim Tadlock hasn't doubted his guys at all this season. 

"It's a lot of fun watching these guys play, and they take pride in playing the game the right way. Most of the time, the fundamentals of the game will separate in close games. We're fortunate that our guys executed," Tadlock said. 

The 9th seeded Red Raiders will take on number one Florida in the opening round on Sunday at 6.

McCabe suing Department of Justice

WASHINGTON (AP) - A lawsuit filed on behalf of a former deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, says the Justice Department has repeatedly refused to provide McCabe documents related to his firing.
The complaint filed Tuesday says the Justice Department has publicly defended McCabe's firing yet failed to identify for McCabe the policies and procedures it followed before dismissing him. McCabe's lawyers allege that the department has withheld the information for fear that the materials could be used against them in any additional lawsuits.
McCabe's firing last March divided current and former Justice Department officials. The suit signals that McCabe is determined to try to clear his name in court even as he faces a possible criminal probe into whether he intentionally misled internal investigators.

Success of Singapore Summit met with skepticism

SINGAPORE (AP) - President Donald Trump's triumphant assertions about the success of the Singapore Summit are being met with skepticism and outright derision from some critics.

They're seizing on the contradiction between Trump's withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal and his willingness to accept vague pledges from North Korea's Kim Jong Un.

White House officials stress that this week's meeting in Singapore is the beginning of a process and not its end.

The Singapore Summit sets out broad goals to be met in the coming months. In contrast, the Iran Deal, signed by President Barack Obama in 2015 and approved by seven nations, followed 18 months of talks.

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Tennessee republican Bob Corker, said it's difficult to determine what of a concrete nature has taken place.

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