TTU K-12 High School earns national ranking

TTU K-12 High School earns national ranking

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

For the fourth consecutive year, Texas Tech University High School, part of TTU K-12, is ranked one of the best online high school programs in the nation by Best College Reviews. Of the nearly 100 programs reviewed, only 25 online schools were recognized. TTU K-12 High School came in at No. 4 overall and is the highest ranked program in Texas. 

Programs are ranked based on affordability, number of courses offered, range of support services and number of concentrations/advanced tracks. All programs considered for the ranking are fully accredited.

“TTU K-12 is committed to providing high-quality distance and online courses and to providing education wherever our students are,” said Justin Louder, associate vice provost for Texas Tech University’s eLearning & Academic Partnerships. “This ranking highlights our deep commitment to quality online and distance education, and I applaud our teachers, staff, administrators and students for their hard work.”

TTU K-12 is a flexible online educational program that allows elementary, middle school and high school students to earn credits at their own pace while meeting the same rigorous standards as traditional brick-and-mortar schools. The only difference is when and where students learn.

Jim Taliaferro, TTU K-12 superintendent, said the rigorous online curriculum and certified teachers are some of the greatest strengths the program has to offer.

“That combination provides our students the opportunities to excel and confidently pursue their future endeavors,” Taliaferro said.

With more than 160 courses offered, the TTU K-12 program allows students to ultimately earn an accredited Texas high school diploma. The program offers a full-time and supplementary program as well as credit by examination.

“This honor reflects the successes of our students and teachers as they excel in our virtual classrooms,” Taliaferro said.

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