"Rachel's Challenge" inspires Frenship ISD students

"Rachel's Challenge" inspires Frenship ISD students

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LUBBOCK, Texas -

Rachel Joy Scott died in the Columbine shooting. She was the first victim Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed. Eighteen years later, her legacy now reaches millions through the non-profit organization, "Rachel's Challenge". It promotes the ideas Scott left behind that combated bullying with compassion.

Former Texas Tech quarterback, Cody Hodges said hearing Scott's story 11 years ago changed his life. 

"I didn't really think of myself to be a bully or mean or anything like that but hearing Rachel's story just challenged me," Hodges said. 

After his football career, he joined the organization and never looked back. 

"Just even today, the fact that this is the first time the students heard the story and the impact is still as strong as it was 18 years ago," Hodges said. 

Hodges spoke to Frenship High School Ninth Grade Campus and shared how Scott's simple acts of kindness affected her peers. She even prevented a classmate from taking his own life. Freshman, Camree Miller said she did not expect much going into the presentation.

"It's a lot more than it comes off." Miller said. "It affected me heavily, I was balling my eyes out just sitting there." 

She said it solidified her desire to help others. 

"I'm inspired to help even more people." Miller said. "Even if they may not know they want it, even if they don't want it, I want to help." 

For Kinser Malicoat and his friends it is a wake up call. 

"It's something we can all learn, you have the choice to be a good person or a bad person by the way you treat people," Malicoat said. 

Hodges said telling students what they can do as opposed to what they should not do makes all the difference. 

"The moment you see someone that's hurting, you make the choice to either care or not to care." Hodges said. "So for us, again it's just starting this chain reaction of kindness and compassion, as simple as that sounds, you know let's be known what we're for, instead of what we're against." 

The program has reached more than 1,200 schools and businesses. Click here to learn more about the organization. 

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